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Fulvia Steardo Fermi

Her artistic path started from an early age. Art, drawing and use of colour has aslways been a constant feature of her life.

Since then, the subjects depicted in her paintings were expression of visual art, mainly landscapes and still-lives. Lately the artist has developed a total transformation of her style in some sort of emotional renaissance, dedicating herself to the abstrac art.

Before 2019 she had never exposed her artwork. Recently she decided to go public and joined the international exhibition Arte Genova 2020.


The subject which she excelled during her primary and secondary school was art. She had the chance to deepen the techniques at first at the Art Academy ‘Albertina’ and then at the Artistic Institute Paul Klee in Genoa.

After the specialised studies in art she attended the University of Law in Genoa from which she graduated, allowing her to become a lawyer.

In 2003 she received from former President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano a medal of civil merit for her commitment organizing public conventions to raise awareness on women most common diseases.


Artist’s styles

Therefore, this artistic path is rooted in the artist’s childhood but blossomed later in her maturity.
Her vision of nature and its gifts which is made of has always been influenced by beauty and everything in life can celebrate well-being.

Classic art and later abstract, combined with love and contemplation of beauty in all its forms, always have been a constant in her work.
The artist’s abstract vison is an immediate expression of emotion playing with colours and re-inventing them in a kaleidoscopic loop.
An alternation of straight lines and colorful shades distinguish her works which convey a sense of passion and momentum but paradoxically a sense of harmony and tranquility.
The artist’s ability in the processing of 24kt gold leaf, beside oil and acrylic, shows her attraction to beauty and aesthetically pleasing objects.
Her first abstract work, dated back to 2019, is labeled by the artist herself “Emotional Renaissance” and represents the artist’s revoluitionary abstract rebith.

Her creative process purely relies on her instinct and not chasing a planned continuous evolution.
The harshness and violence of human emotions and their contradictory nature are the fundamental of her art.

To the present day the are no artistic currents able to contaminate her unique style.


Enjoy the emotions


+39 331.6130201


Santa Margherita Ligure, Liguria
Treviso, Veneto

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